March 28 2013 18:03


First thoughts after Usability testing (Aug 2011)

The usability testing proved it's worth and really highlighted what users where thinking and what they wanted to achieve. The sessions recorded screen, cursor position, user video and audio. Some highlights from the tests;

Staff found it very difficult to contribute documents and the help pages made things a little more confused.Uploading documents presented a number of issues.Over all users could navigate after having tried a little but this could likely put off a number of users. staff also did not want to be burned by any system and so ease of is priority. Minor issues with some buttons across the site missing the cursor icon and search being overly sensitive to CAPS and the like have been reported to edshare and have either been rectified or currently being looked into. This project has set up a get satisfaction forum to gain feedback from users on the current site, the part 1 (yr1) module research and communication skills will be used to promote this.


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