March 28 2013 18:03

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What is EdShare ?

EdShare is a place you can upload your teaching materials, however unlike blackboard you can share your materials with wider audiences without the need to duplicate those materials. You can set your "Share" (what EdShare calls a bunch of materials) to be viewed by selected staff and/or students, school(s), the University or the world (anyone connected to the internet).

EdShare "Shares" can also be assigned a Creative Commons licence which allows for your work to be reused with attribution much easier, it also means that you can use other materials you find with this licence in your teaching without the need to contact the "owner" first.

Your "Shares" could be collated as a "Collection". This could be for example an over arching theme like "Design" this collection would then contain "Shares" on typography, print design, web design each containing a number of teaching materials.


Share – a bunch of teaching materials.
Collection – a group of Shares.


Adam Procter

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